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Welcome to the Books of Ellen Gilman

Ellen's books have amused and pleased dog-lovers and people-lovers alike since her first book, Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love was published in 2013. Her books now also include The Best Doggone Bakery (2016), and Ellen is hard at work on another.

Ellen Gilman's books currently include her debut novel, “Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love,” and her second novel, “The Best Doggone Bakery.”

About “Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love”

Brief Synopsis

Mollie's Tail - To Mollie with Love

Sherry first met Mollie, a healthy, four-year-old sheltie, when she was contacted by her veterinarian. Mollie was scheduled to be euthanized simply because her owners had requested it, but the horrified vet decided to find Mollie a new home. Knowing of Sherry’s love for the breed, the vet hoped Sherry, her husband Henry, and their family would adopt Mollie. Sherry, her husband Henry and their two sons think about it, and eventually decide to open their house to Mollie. Her recovery is very slow and never total, but lots of patience and love make her a faithful and loving companion. As the years go by, and Mollie’s health declines, Sherry and her family come to understand that they didn’t “make Mollie a great pet” — instead, they realize that Mollie made them a great family.

Excerpt from “Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love”

About “The Best Doggone Bakery”

The Best Doggone Bakery

Millie Whitfield loves dogs — she really loves dogs! So, when a favorite old ice cream shop in her hometown of Houndsville is put up for sale, Millie jumps at the chance to buy the building and open her dream business — a dog bakery! She convinces her husband to help her buy the old building, and she plunges into the life of a small-town entrepreneur and retail sales leader with her fingers crossed behind her back for luck. But does Millie have what it takes to run a successful business while maneuvering around the underhanded shenanigans of an angry competitor? Antics, crises and emergencies are woven around recipes for dog-friendly food and honest assessments of people, as Houndsville comes to first accept, then treasure, its newest attraction.

Excerpt from “The Best Doggone Bakery”

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