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Welcome to the Books of Ellen Gilman

Ellen's books have amused and pleased dog-lovers and people-lovers alike since her first book, Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love was published in 2013. Her books now also include The Best Doggone Bakery (2016), and Fur-Ever in Her Heart, published on May 7, 2020.

About Ellen Gilman

Ellen Gilman, Author

Ellen Gilman is a graduate of the University of Maryland. She first spent ten years working for a major retailer, and then fifteen years working alongside her husband, running their family-owned business. Now devoted to her career as an author and to spending time with her five grandchildren, Ellen lives outside Baltimore, Maryland, with her husband and their two rescued shelties, Annie and Luke.

Ellen Gilman's books currently include her debut novel, “Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love,” her second novel, “The Best Doggone Bakery.” and her latest book, “Fur-Ever in Her Heart.”

Ellen found these very interesting charts showing nineteen (19!) generations of shelties.

Please click this text or select the thumbnail image to the left to see them. Enjoy!





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