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Welcome to the Books of Ellen Gilman

Ellen's books have amused and pleased dog-lovers and people-lovers alike since her first book, Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love was published in 2013. Her books now also include The Best Doggone Bakery (2016), and Fur-Ever in Her Heart was published on May 7, 2020.

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We hope you enjoy browsing through this web site, but even more we hope you download one of Ellen’s books for your digital reader, or purchase a hard copy. We are confident you’ll be very pleased you decided to read about Ellen’s canine friends and their adventures!

Here’s more information about Ellen’s books, with some brief excerpts to give you a sense of Ellen’s friendly style:

From an Online Review on Amazon.com of Mollie’s Tail

“This is a beautiful and honest story of the life of an abused dog adopted by a deeply caring dog-loving family ... The book isn’t one of those sweet (and false) animal tales where everything comes right in a short time. Mollie’s recovery is very slow and never total, but lots of patience and love make her a faithful and loving companion .... Overall the book is a great anecdote to phony sentimental animal stories.”

Excerpt from Mollie’s Tail — To Mollie with Love

Mollie's Tail - To Mollie with Love

APRIL 1986. Sitting in our den, I was thinking of the old saying I learned as a child: “April showers bring May flowers.” Well, if that was true, we should have lots of flowers this spring. It was pouring outside. I could hear the rain hitting the roof while I lounged on the sofa in our small den. I was getting ready to watch my favorite Wednesday night comedy show. To my right there was a large window, and through it I could see streaks of rain running down the glass. I heard the wind blowing, and I knew if I were able to see outside, I would see the raindrops landing on the budding trees before they fell to the ground. There was a chill in the air, and inside our house it felt damp and cold. I laid our plaid blanket over my legs, grabbed the remote, and turned on the TV.

From an Online Review in Kirkus Books of The Best Doggone Bakery:

“The cast — both human and furry — makes for pleasant company. And it’s fun to watch the team devise unique, dog-friendly recipes for biscuits, pupcakes, and muffins. More importantly, the primary message of the breezy narrative — to urge the adoption of rescue dogs — is solidly communicated without sounding too preachy.... A clever concept [with] ... plenty of amusing canine antics for those who love dogs and their slightly quirky humans.”

Excerpt from “The Best Doggone Bakery”

The Best Doggone Bakery


Tires screeched. Bam!

Millie jerked her head up while retying Annie’s kerchief to see two cars collide in the street right in front of her. At the same time, Luke barked and wrenched his leash out of her hand, tucking his tail between his legs and taking off in a full-out run.

Oh no!

Millie knew the combination of loud noises and Luke was a recipe for disaster. Why didn’t I have a better grip on his leash? She bit her lip and took off chasing him while tugging Annie behind her. She thought she should be able to grab him; he couldn’t go fast dragging his leash. Besides, any other scenario was unimaginable.

“Luke, stop! Come back here!” Millie screamed. With her heart pounding, she flew after him, praying he’d be okay. What if she couldn’t catch him?

Blurb about “Fur-Ever in Her Heart”

Fur-Ever in Her Heart

Meghan George's life is screwed-up. Now she's jobless and forced back home to Houndsville with her seven-year-old daughter in tow. Parental displeasure, strained friendships, and a promise made will haunt Meghan.

Neither is she helped by Grant Whitfield's shenanigans when she shows affection for his twin brother, Nicholas. Will two needy puppies be the key that helps Meghan to find her very own fur-ever better future?




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